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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mini Wedding Cake

Hey everyone, I hope you had a great extended weekend I know I did. Over the weekend I was tossing around ideas for you guys and i'm working on a spectacular BeWitching evening in a few weeks that I'm sure you guys will love and inspire you all to throw an amazing Halloween party of your own!

Okay so back to what I created this week. This wednesday is my boyfriends parents 25th wedding anniversary. Doni and I were kind of stumped as to what we should get them, so I got a little creative and created them a mini wedding cake with a yummy nutella buttercream filling. It was really adorable and I loved putting it together for them, they are such an amazing couple and after 25 years of marriage they deserved something special. To go along with the cake we wanted to find a picture of them. We looked all over for a wedding picture and we stumbled upon a picture of them cutting their wedding cake, I couldn't imagine a better picture to go with our gift! We had the original photo enhanced and blown up. We placed the picture next to the cake and left it for them as a surprise.

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary! I hope you enjoy your day and your cake :-) 


  1. That is adorable! And Nutella buttercream?! YUM! Where did you find that box?

  2. Thank you! I actually found the box at Michael's. It's my go to spot for almost everything :-)


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