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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Holiday Cookie Tasting

Hello Loves!

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post, but between final projects, exams and planning my Cookie Tasting I pretty much had my hands full! This whirlwind all begun around thanksgiving when I begun the decorating for my Cookie tasting from putting up the tree to helping my dad set up the lights outside (and doing my studying, papers and projects in between!) The three days leading up to the party were my baking days, but it was all worth it! Okay so I'm sure your all wondering what this Cookie Tasting was all about and the best way to explain it is to tell you all about it from the beginning. It all started out as a family tradition that I turned into a business venture. Every christmas since I was little my mom sister and I would make your traditional sugar cookie and butter cookies. A few years back I decided to go to my italian roots and attempted to make the traditional Italian cookies like the oh so loved tri color cookies and pignoli cookie (which were my families personal fav). I had a pretty good response back from family and friends so I decided to make it a tradition. Every year I would add a new cookie or created something of my own to mix it up. Last year I made 14 different types of cookies and made platters for my parents, sister and I to bring to family and friends. A few people asked my parents if I owned a bake shop. I thought it was sweet that people really liked my cookies. Being a marketing major it only comes natural to me to turn a good thing into something more so I thought that if they were really that good I could probably sell them, which is exactly what I put into play this year. I knew that no one would buy my cookies without tasting them first since so I had the idea of having a "Holiday Cookie Tasting" where people could actually try the cookies so they would know what they would be getting before making a purchase. I came up with 23 different types of holiday cookies so their was something for everyone. For the chocoholic I had a Hot Chocolate Chip cookie, for the white chocolate lover I had a White Chocolate Pecan cookie. Italian cookie lovers had their choice of rainbow,pignoli, fig or love knots and for the more adventurous cookie connoisseurs I made a Rosemary Shortbread cookie. I thought the party was extremely sucessfull and my touches made it a great mini production. I had my guest greeted with champagne and the house was full of christmas decor and christmas music to set my ambiance and made my guest get into the christmas mood! I added a few pictures so that you can see how I set up the house and get an idea of that 23 different type of cookies on one table actually looks like! I hope you all have a fabulous christmas and a wonderful New Year to all of my lovely followers!!! Being in the christmas spirt, i'll leave you with a bit of "New Year/New You" insight.

Always believe in your ideas no matter how big or small they may be because the amount of success you achieve will only go as far as your mind thinks your able to accomplish and if you have the mentality of always thinking you can achieve whatever your heart desires the possibilities are endless!

till the next Ana Lucia Production xox


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