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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

AC Milan Birthday Cake

Okay so this is my first blog and I decided to start out with a gggooooaaallllllllll.... With that said I made a soccer cake! This past weekend was my boyfriend birthday and since he loves AC Milan I decided that it would be fun to make him an AC Milan Birthday Cake! Since I've been making cakes lately with fondant, (meaning i've only made two this being the second), I actually loved making this cake even though it took 7hrs to bake & create, it was completely worth it. My favorite part had to be the miniature soccer player on the top he was fully equipt with my bf's soccer number and name on the back.

It was filled with fresh strawberries and cream his favorite (and mine too), I also made it gluten free so I could sneak a piece :-).

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